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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news at noon. >> right now a walk out at a bay area university as students mark an anniversary and call for tuition reduction. good afternoon. a student walk out is just getting started at berkeley and the main focus is to mark the first anniversary of a bitter clash between police and occupy protesters. sal joins us live to explain students want to make a point
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about proposition 30. >> reporter: that's right. it may seem surprising that here we are two days after the election, after proposition 30 passed and students are still walking out. what they wants they want to tell the university that they want the money that is coming in from proposition 30 to go to schools. i will show you here that people are starting to gather. this will be unan event that will last for a while. the protest is set to go with the anniversary of occupy cal. you remember this when officers cleared students and others. these scenes vent viral, nationwide. protests here and other campuses didn't get the attention after students were angry after a continuing rise in tuition and fees. one student said the protest is important because they want to see the money come back. >> the money from proposition
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30 isn't guaranteed to go to schools. >> reporter: now if 30 hadn't passed legislative analyst said they would have had to cut $250 million from its budget. however there is still a possibility some tuition and fees could go up for certain graduate programs. now so far we have seen some police presence here but not really a lot. its been a peaceful protest. certainlyly a lot of people have started gathering at noon when the protest is scheduled to start and there will be speakers again. student that want the money that is going to come in to the state from proposition 30 to go back to the schools. >> all right. thank you. bay area college students are speaking out this noontime against possible new fees at california state universities. rallies being held around the state including san francisco state, san jose state and cal state east bay. the students say proposed new
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fees by csu trustees will punish students who take longer to graduate. and administrators at city college of san francisco say that the passage of two measure by voters this week will help with the school's financial situation but they are not out of the woods yet. city college benefits financially from the passing of state proposition 30 which prevents further cuts to community colleges and from proposition a, that's a parcel tax to generate revenue for city college. the school has been threatened with looses it's accredit arc tion. >> we are following developing news in the east bay. traffic is heavy near the newest outlet mall. this is a live picture from news chopper 2. this is interstate 580 in livermore. most likely i'm guessing eastbound since that would be the direction from the main -- from the east bay toward the
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mall. there is an accident at the off ramp right near the outlet, those are the brand new outlet mall that just opened two hours ago and if you can see -- as we pan over the mall itself, right there and looks like the parking lot is full of cars, and we saw that huge line of traffic as people waiting to move through the area. now officials are warning of heavy traffic throughout the weekend. a four day opening of this mall. we will have a live report from the outlet mall coming up shortly. been a busy morning in walnut creek where a new food outlet is drawing customers and protests. brian flores is live with the diverse reaction to the new chick filet restaurant. >> reporter: this is the newest location. this is the first in the east bay here off north main street. it opened at about 6:30 this morning but stark contrast from this morning. in terms of the controversy it
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comes from their president making controversial comments about gay marriage last summer many though the company stopped donating money to anti gay groups protesters showed up. both row and anti groups here. they aren't necessarily telling people to not come in or go in but they are here making a statement one way or the other and they are using the grand opening as their stage. >> they have made it so public and so out there that they don't believe there should be equality, there should be gay marriage. you know we are just people to. >> it's not that i hate them. i mean, you know -- it's not about hate at all. it's about being american and we should be able to run our restaurants the way we want. there is this one guy out here protesting because they aren't open on sundays.
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it's -- that's not right. >> reporter: now again this is a stark contrast from this morning where about 100 people spent the night in the parking lot trying to be the first in the restaurant. the first 100 got vouchers for the food for a year. the owner said things running smoothly and the protests aren't turn away business. we spoke to a few customers to see how they felt. >> i don't care. >> why? >> well, i'm not for it but i don't care if other people are. people can do what they want as long as it's in the privacy of their own home. >> reporter: and taking back out here live both protesters here in front of this restaurant. it is not stopping business though. both sides are packed trying to get in to the restaurant. i spoke to the owner. he said he welcomes protesters, he welcomes free speech. in terms of the protesters they say they will be here until eight tonight. we are live.
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>> thank you. the man who killed six people and wounded 13 has just been sentenced to life. giffords and her husband were in court this morning, kelley told the suspect he had failed in his effort to create a world as dark as the one he lives in. the suspect shot giffords during an attack in arizona. he avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty. a suspect made his first court appearance this morning in connection with the case of a woman stabbed to death in her home last month. the 24-year-old darnell washington facing nine counts in connection with the killing of the 55-year-old. washington didn't give a plea this morning. he was told to return to court in richmond next week. washington was sent back to california after he and his wife were arrested in seattle driving a car taken from the victim's home. >> a man who was injured while
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celebrating the giant's world series win has died. san francisco police say that the 37-year-old shaun moffet said he was attacked around 9:30 p.m. on october 28th. he told his roommate several people surrounded him and hit him in the head with a metal object. he called the police the next day after his injuries got worse. police are considering the case a suspicious death as they wait for autopsy results. san jose police are questioning a man on why he allegedly had a live snake in his car. offers detonated explosive device late last night near the airport. they had pulled the driver over and found a suspicious device in the vehicle. they shut down the area including a section of the highway. >> since this was near local businesses that -- the bomb squad came in, they used a
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robot and moved the device. >> 35-year-old james mcgill has been booked on charges of driving under the influence and possession of an explosive. a dangerous hazmat situation turned a hotel upside down early this mondaying. there was a carbon monoxide leak. fire crews took a man to the hospital last night. between midnight and 12:30 they were called back out. they took air samples, found high levels of ca rbon monoxide and evacuated the building. close to a thousand were forced out in the cold. >> had to get the alarm system that announced they -- through the phones that there was an emergency that was going on and we needed to evacuate. >> crews traced the leak to a faulty boiler. fire officials say that no deeffecters went off. hotels were supposed to have
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them installed by july 1st but got a six month extension. with the election behind them the president and members of congress must now turn to a looming financial crisis. its been called the fiscal cliff. it's tax hikes and spending cut that take effect early next year. without government action going over the fiscal cliff will almost certainly trigger another recession. both sides are at least talking now about working together. >> this was really the message the american people sent from all over and that is they are tired of these partisan gridlocks. >> by working together, we can different our country a stronger, healthier economy. >> congress's lame duck session starts next week. the president has called all four congressional leaders to urge them to get to work on the issue. preliminary state figures suggest fewer people voted in
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this year's election than four years ago. according to california secretary of state office 59% of voters voted this year. in 2008 that was above 70%. here just over half or almost 5% of registered voters turned out for tuesday's election. election officials in some parts of florida blame high voter turn out as the reason they are still counting ballots. florida still has about 3% of its ballots uncounted. officials in miami-dade say they hope to be done by tomorrow afternoon. the president has a slight lead in the florida ballots counted so far but the results won't impact the outcome since the president has more than enough votes to declare victory. >> beyond terrible. it's horrible. it's -- i'm done. >> another big storm hits the northeast as the area tries to recover from sandy.
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the new damage. and a different picture in the bay area. your complete bay area forecast including where the rain is falling. . >> the outlet mall is open and check out this crowd. if you think things look busy here, news chopper 2 has the shot from above with the back up people just trying to get here. what this could mean for the community when the noon news comes back.
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. members of the roman catholic church of san francisco hope prayers will help stop the killings in the city. >> mouthy god hear our prayers for your son tyrese who you have called from this life to yourself. grant him light, happiness and peace. >> a prayer vigil was held this morning at the corner for a 20-year-old. he was shot friday night. the group is now holding prayer vigils for homicide victims at the locations where they were killed. lane is the city's 59th home home home received murder of the year. a woman says she was
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kidnapped last night. she was found in oakland after midnight not far from the tunnel. paramedics checked her but we don't know if she was hurt. police say they will release more details later today. the hearing for the bicyclist accused of hitting and killing an elderly man in san francisco will begin next month. this morning a judge set december 5th as the hearing date for him. he is charged with felony manslaughter stemming the march incident at market and castro. the da said that witnesses reported seeing him go through red lights and stopsigns before the crash. he has pleaded not guilty to the charges. groups of bargin hunter packing in to a new mall in the east bay. we are live with details on why the odds are against the project from the beginning. >> reporter: good afternoon. its been a rough road but take
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a look at what it's become. lots of people on the ground. lots of bags from people shopping. that's what they want to see and let's go above to news chopper 2. that's a great shot with the long lines of traffic, just trying to get here. you talked about the history of the project and it wasn't an easy road. the first to " in more than a decade. built and developed more than a recession. the project got the nickname persistence outlet. today it paid a. >> 3, 2, 1. >> reporter: the celebration got underway at the mall. confetti and champagne. . >> let me say as the mayor of livermore this is just absolutely swesome. this is amazing.
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>> reporter: missing the ceremony was this group of women waiting because they can and they are likely to buy. >> considering we are all walking in with coach bags. it's a good chance we are walking out. >> reporter: we saw a longer line at nike and all because people were excited to shop, lots said this is all day. >> we are here all day. >> yeah. just going to hit the main ones first and then hit each one. and then we will, you know go back and do it again. >> take the bags to the car. come back. >> reporter: that is what businesses want to after. there is no such thing as to big of a crowd for them. >> i have seating for 150,000. >> the streets will be packed with people. i'm drawing themn. they are shopping. they are hungry. >> reporter: retailers here actually said they feel lucky because not everybody got in.
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there was just no room left. >> i can tell you in my years it's the first center i have opened that's been 100% lease from the first day. >> reporter: and a live look again as it shows the back up of people. good problem to have, good news as well for those trying to still get on the economic band wagon. there is phase2 in the work, expected to bring more stores and hundreds more jobs in the next couple years. >> that's amazing shot from news chopper 2. all the cars. thank you. another powerful storm is creating big problem more millions. the storm that swept through new york and new jersey is making its way into new england. it's adding to the damage from sandy and pushing back recovery efforts. nearly a foot of snow fell in parts of new jersey, downing trees and power lines once again. many people who were without power because of sandy were plunged back into darkness in temperatures near freezing.
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authorities say rail lines in to new york city running but the storm has caused the canceling of more than 600 flight across the country today. and call ahead if you or someone you know is flying today. sfo said 11 arrivals have been canceled, six from jfk and two from philadelphia. one departure for newark was canceled and there may be more later today. so far the volume is lighter than yesterday when the storm canceled 31 flights to and from the bay area. >> well a lot has happened over the past couple hours with the first reports of rainfall in the north bay. right now we have a lot of cloud cover and rain drops from the clouds as well. live storm tracker 2 radar confirms that. you can see the coverage with the live doppler sweep. those greens at least indicate moderate downpours, yellows and
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reds link up with heavier rain. you will notice this action already moving out to san francisco. this is a quick mover but some strong -- strong winds around 15 to 20 miles an hour and heavier rain across the bay bridge. you can see precipitation -- nearly a three quarters inch an hour. we will continue to move the maps around and show you more activity as we do take a closer look at the north day. you can seat heavier rain. heavier amounts between oakland and the berkeley area as well toward grizzlely peak boulevard. reports -- sun. this will be approaching the area as we head in to the mid
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to later portions of the afternoon. as far as current temperatures its cool. the readings in the 50s to the low 60s. livermore 61, san francisco 59 and san jose 60. big temperature top for today. the rain has returned and question could have another batch of moisture in to the evening. as far as -- the sierra a winter weather advisory in place until ten. snow fall will be up there around five to ten inches. here is the forecast model. 3:00 this afternoon. scattered source, still a chance, look what happens by late tonight. ten and 11. the rain coverage onto increase and tomorrow we still have to hold on to the possibility of a shower. we have to hold on to the possibility of a thunderstorm as well. cool and sunsetled. we are waiting -- unsettled
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today. a look ahead the five-day, that shower chance into friday. the weekend though will be dry just a few extra clouds, start out the day saturday but get ready for the cold mornings. rain on schedule, in to the central portions of the bay. >> yeah. thank you. and when we come back a quick check of stocks and the new tool for a bay area fire department, how i-pads are helping. dd
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. stocks are down adding to losses from yesterday's cell off in the face of possible tax increases and fiscal cliff worries. takenning a live look the dow down 55, nasdaq down 29, s and p down 9. new menlo park firefighters have a new tool. there are now i-pads on all seven of the department fire engines. the department received a ten thousand dollar donation to purchase them. it'll provide them within assistant access to key information about an incident while they are in route. >> you can't be a toy, it's a tool. we have worked very hard to try to repeat what we are doing in the front cab of the fire trucks. if it's in paper f it's a form, if it's data we need basically
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that's where we have started with that device. >> the chief said it could have given them key information when they responded to the san bruno pipeline explosion. today on the news at five what a difference a few days makew. very gone from record highs on monday to rain and a big cooldown. we are tracking the storms and the chances we could see snow on top of bay area peaks. thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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